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Item(s) of the Moment: Valentine's Day Edition

Show some love for your better half—and your community—with these locally sourced goodies.

By Conor Romack February 3, 2015

We understand that love comes in stages. An awkward Tinder date, a one-year anniversary, a years-spanning marriage—at whichever you stage you find yourself this Valentine's Day, one of these three gifts should do the trick. 

Image via Moorea Seal

For your crush:

A little coy and totally flirty, gifting cute cards is one of those elementary school traditions that never goes out of style, and Belltown’s Moorea Seal has you covered for every occasion. Get a little spicy with the Hot Stuff card, or perhaps a simple “Love you!” will suffice.

Image via No Boundaries Books

For your new love: 

It can be tough to tell your sweetheart how you feel. So why not spell it out? Literally. We like the idea of filling the first page of a No Boundaries journal with a personalized note. Ballard-based artist Deneen Shank carefully cross-stitches these leather-bound journals, which she sells online and daily at Pike Place Market, to withstand heavy use and travel. That’s a nice symbol, right? Love can stand the test of time, and all that….

Image via Fresh Tangerine

For your main squeeze:

Handcrafted by the tight-knit crew at Pioneer Square’s Fresh Tangerine, this sparkly infinity ring sends a simple message: forever and ever. And your boo will appreciate the sentiment. The ring is simple and sleek, suited for stacking and mixing with other jewelry. And if a ring feels like it might be a little too "proposal," check out Fresh Tangerine's Valentine's Day gift guide, where you'll find a trove of minimalist baubles, many adorned with pendants or glittering gemstones. 

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