Nailed It

Trichome Holidaze Nail Art Party

DJs, custom nail art, Hot Cakes butter beer, and...pot?

By Amanda Zurita December 9, 2014

WHERE: Trichome

WHAT: From the same shop that brought you cannabis and coffee tastings, get your digits statement ready for the holidays with Holidaze, a popup nail party featuring off-the-wall manis from local nail artists Elisapeta "Peka" Grayson, Alexis Norcrossand more. There will also be a DJ set and—you guessed it—"elevated" takes on Hot Cake's famous butter beer (that means there's weed in it), but non-enhanced versions are available.

Nail art runs between $15 and $25 and comes with a free glass testing (read: more weed).

WHEN: Kick back on December 12 from 6 to 10. Attendees must be 21 and over, or 18 and over with a medical marijuana license.


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