Wedding Wednesday

Video: First Look 2014 at the Fremont Foundry

In case you missed our super stylish summer wedding soiree (or just want to relive the fun).

By Amanda Zurita October 8, 2014

We don't mind patting ourselves on the back from time to time, and Seattle Met Bride and Groom's annual First Look wedding show is one of those incredibly cool events that merits a little self congratulation. And, may we add, a huge high five for every one of the top-notch vendors who help pull it off.

This year, on July 10, we filled up the newly opened Fremont Foundry with over 300 engaged guys and gals and their wedding-minded posses for a fashion-focused evening complete with popups, appetizers, photo-posing workshops, dance lessons, and more.

Relive all the fun with this video shot by Danny Lund of The Ranch Studios. See you next year.

Seattle Met Bride & Groom // First Look 2014 Event Highlight from The Ranch Studios | Danny Lund on Vimeo



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