We hope you share our sentiments when we say that ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the beautiful images in the Real Weddings section of Seattle Met Bride and Groom is one of the best parts of flipping through the mag. 

And we know from all the queries we receive that there are those of you out there hoping to see your own big day in those pages. If your wedding happened within the last eight months, here's your chance and our tips for making the cut.

Trisha Dwivedi & Adam Feldman's wedding in our current Bride and Groom issue." data-image-selection='{"width":1000,"height":652,"x1":0,"y1":0,"x2":1000,"y2":652}'>

Trisha Dwivedi & Adam Feldman's wedding in our current Bride and Groom issue.

First and foremost:
Be on time. The cutoff for submissions for the winter/spring edition of Seattle Met Bride and Groom is October 29, and not a minute later. 

What else we're looking for:

  • Unique details.  We want to see the small elements from your wedding—meaning party favors, invitations and printed matter, place settings, food presentation, flowers, and all the cool, innovative elements that made your wedding you.
Kerry Riley & Michael Lynd's wedding in our current issue." data-image-selection='{"width":682,"height":1024,"x1":0,"y1":0,"x2":682,"y2":1024}'>

Details from Kerry Riley & Michael Lynd's wedding in our current issue.

  • Venue shots. Give us a sense of where for your wedding. In addition to showing off your particular soiree, the Real Weddings section serves to showcase all of the city's best ceremony and reception venues. We're looking for a great mix of everything from rustic celebrations to posh affairs, DIY to high-end. Show us how your location pulled it all off.
  • Intimate moments. If chosen for the "next round," so to speak, we'll send you a questionnaire to tell us all about you and your wedding. But to get there, we want to get to know you through the images. Therefore, submissions of that quiet moment before you entered the reception hall or the energetic first dance are more helpful to us than traditional posed photos.
  • That special something. No one wedding is the same, and more than anything we want to showcase all the ways in which people celebrate their love. When making your selections, look for a cohesive collection that represents your wedding and its one-of-a-kind moments.
For the nitty gritty on how to get your name in lights  wedding into our Real Weddings section: follow all the guidelines on the Seattle Met Bride and Groom submission page.