Wedding Wednesday

Win a Wedding on Whidbey

Just about everything's in place and ready to go. They just need a bride and groom. Or a bride and a bride. Or a groom and a groom.

By Laura Cassidy September 24, 2014

You don't hear of opportunities like this one every day: one lucky couple gets to press fast-forward on wedding planning and skip right ahead to the main event. 

Island County specialists Whidbey Party Girls are promoting their beloved homebase by offering a $15,000 winter destination wedding on January 17 for 48 guests at Dancing Fish Farm.

Syling and photo by Whidbey wedding professional Gloria Mickunas, courtesy the contest's organizers.

Lots of wedding planning details—and plenty of the busy work—has already been taken care of, but if you want to weigh in on some of the extras, they left a little room for that, too.

"It feels a little crazy for people, but in a good way. There is always some drama leading up to weddings, but we've already made most of the tough decisions for them and all that is left to do is personalize the wedding details," said co-organizer Gloria Mickunas via press release. 

But first you'll have to tell your story. And tell it well.

Interested parties have until October 31 to log on to the site and lobby for their cause. Public vote will narrow the field of applicants to ten, and the winner's name will be drawn at random at the Weddings on Whidbey and Events Tour on November 8.


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