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Style Tag: Creative Director Alaa Mendili

North by Northwest, by like, the rest of the world. Or, where urban meets practical, in an elegantly low-key way.

By Laura Cassidy Photography by Andrew Swanson September 18, 2014

Sometimes it takes a village. And some smoke and mirrors. Sometimes, like, with style images. When it came time for Style Tagged photographer Andrew Swanson to tag the next subject in this weird grown-up version of school yard antics that we have going, he stepped in to take over camera duties, too—and he got a little conceptual, posing his pick on a precarious stretch of green belt and employing some extra gear (we don't give away secrets) for moody effect. Swanson then called in expert digital editor Tomika Davis to finish the deal.

Swanson, Davis, and Alaa Mendili, our newest tagged, run in similar image-driven circles around town. Mendili is a creative director at Digital Kitchen; Swanson works there, too. The Casablanca-born, Montreal-raised interactive design expert—check out this project with Stanley Pianos—worked in Stockholm and New York before settling in Seattle three years ago. 

Tagged by: Andrew Swanson

Wearing: I lived in Stockholm in my early 20s and that time had a big impact on me stylistically. Actually, my wardrobe hasn’t changed all that much since then. I tend to keep things simple and minimal. Well-crafted essentials that are timeless, that I can pair up with accessories or a clothing item that is more seasonal. For this photo, I embraced the Pacific Northwest with a raincoat from Stutterheim. The jeans are by Acne, the shirt by Hope, and the shoes by Common Projects.

Style in three words: Sweden. France. Japan.

Closet you'd most like to raid: Sean Frazier's from Glasswing. His outfits are always on point.

Digital inspiration: I’ve been enjoying Coffee & the Newspaper lately. A combination of good menswear and pastries, best of both worlds.



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