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Seattle Design Week Showcase and Popup

In which more than 50 local makers, doers, and practical aesthetes gather in an unused storefront in Pioneer Square.

By Laura Cassidy September 4, 2014

Seattle Design Festival's week-long showcase and popup is a sort of critical mass of Seattle-brained and Seattle-made goods from jewelry to home and lifestyle decor to furniture and more

It's also a party.

Chadhaus modern farmhouse island and chairs via

Beginning this Saturday, September 6 at 220 S Jackson Street, more than 50 local designers and their products will form a gallery and a shop; something to admire and inspire as well as something quite practical and real. A seven-day Seattle-centric mini-mall, if you will.

Featuring juried work by such makers as Chadhaus, Dorotea, El Dot Designs, Conway Electric, Semigood Design, Hub and Bespoke, and more (see blog tags), it's a sort of best of the best all under one roof.

Image of Dorotea bowl via

And then, again, there's that party.

After a week of shopping, you're invited to join the fray onsite on Saturday, September 12 beginning at 8:30; organizers offer that Champagne, tequila, Taylor Shellfish oysters, Beyonce, and a Dorito bar are in the mix, but we're pretty sure they're only half-way serious about some of those.

Regardless, it's an oppotunity to understand, appreciate, and shake hands with the local community of woodcrafters, metal benders, pottery shapers, and practical aesthetes. Don't let it pass you by.


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