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Joanna Morgan's New Jewelry Collection

Bits and pieces found and remembered—and turned into modern, sculptural rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets—by this talented local accessories designer.

By Laura Cassidy July 7, 2014

WHERE: Jewelery designer Joanna Morgan's Pioneer Square studio at 306 S. Washington St, #105

WHAT: It's called Scavenger, and anyone who's had the experience of rifling around a grandmother's goods (guilty as charged) can relate.

"After my grandmother passed," Morgan began when I asked her about her new collection, "we found a box of trinkets—worthless to the world, but to us full of memories, as well as questions. Recently I found my own box of things; I am by nature a scavenger, and similarly to my grandmother, love to stash things away for later. I pick up seeds, driftwood, rocks, twigs, leaves, feathers, dried blossoms and put them in boxes or store them in vases, sometimes to be displayed, oftentimes to be forgotten and rediscovered years later. Maybe I'm trying to hold on to some memories, or I'm just fascinated with the shapes, color, and patterns offered by the world."

Morgan rendered a beautiful set of memories and foundlings in brass and silver, and she'd like to show them to you—and potential boutique buyers—at this open-studio launch event.

Image via Joanna Morgan

WHEN: Saturday, July 12 from 3 to 7


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