Eric Randall


My fashion icons are probably Joey Ramone, Drake, Miley, and my bandmates, but I’m a T-shirt and jeans guy. I got this vintage Nike shirt in Tucson during our last tour. I feel lucky that I grew up in a family of mostly women with a stepdad who taught me that gender roles are stupid. Women have so many things to bring to rock and roll. Death to boring dude rock! 

Emily Nokes

Vocals and tambourine

Lelah and I have these matching see-through coats. Super Blade Runner! Pris from that movie is a major icon; so are Debbie Harry, the Spice Girls, Gwen Stefani, and Stevie Nicks. Alex Miller over at Derby Salon does my hair; she’s patient and talented—an ideal combination for someone with hair that changes every couple months.

Lelah Maupin


My style is grunge Peg Bundy at a rave. I always want to play in platform shoes but I usually bring backups. Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson in the ’90s are style inspirations, but that Miley Cyrus show last February—no limits! Now that the Broadway Boutique has closed I’ll rely on Trendy Wendy for purple lamé jackets and cat-eye glasses.

Bree McKenna


These Doc Martens platform wedge boots are my new favorite thing in the world. Emily has them too. They’re crazy comfortable. My ideal style is witchy grunge pop punk, but sometimes I get lazy and only wear nightshirts with tights. Right now I’m so psyched about the hooded shift dresses from House of Crystal. I’m commissioning a colorful one.

“Seattle has pretty good weird style, but other places are just like, ‘What is this?’” -Bree McKenna

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