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Seattle’s Freeman Opens Up Shop in Capitol Hill

Six things you need to know about the locally and American-made goods at this new retail joint—including when to get in on the opening party.

By Kelsey Kaufman August 14, 2014

In 2010, Scott and Brittany Freeman launched Freeman with the intention of producing a single rain jacket. Fast forward four years later to their first-ever retail space in the historic Loveless Building, the couple is now selling the expanded line of jackets, shirts and vests next to their favorite like-minded and American-made products.

The store at the north end of Broadway officially opened earlier this month, but Freeman's grand opening party is set for Friday, August 22 from 4 to 9 and features Michael Lerner of Telekinesis and Dante’s Inferno Dogs—oh, and 50 free hemp Jungmaven shirts for 50 lucky winners.

Here are six things you should know about the new shopping spot at 713 Broadway East, just around the corner from the lovely Kobo and the Harvard Exit.

-Scott Freeman doesn’t like to shop. So naturally, the concept of Freeman was built around that idea; a one-stop joint that’s comfortable for dudes to be in. You can “get in and get out” with a full outfit, and also snag some fortifying face balm or high-hold pomade while you’re at it.

-Scott and Brittany Freeman, along with co-owner Alex Frank, cite Taylor Stitch’s retail store in San Francisco as an inspiration. “It doesn’t have to be flashy, it just has to be really nice and simple and both men and women will buy it,” says Scott.

-Patriotic buying isn’t easy, or cheap. However, Scott assures me that “there’s an actual story and there are real reasons why some of the products we sell are expensive. People in this town are receptive to that. They don’t have sticker shock if there’s a good reason for it.”

-You'll find limited-run offerings of their namesake brand, as well as Lady Freeman, inside the store. There are no immediate plans to expand their women’s line, but Scott and Brittany confirmed that it’s on their to-do list.

-In September, Juniper Ridge will be parking their mobile distillery van out front and recreating their wild fragrances for passerbys. Expect more “meet the makers” type of events in the future. Scott and Brittany consider the people behind the brands they sell to also be good friends. 

-Freeman’s rain jackets, flannels and wool vests are made in Sodo, but arrive at the Capitol Hill store without grommets or snaps. With the opening of their retail space and workshop, Scott and Brittany have a dedicated space to apply final touches and do repairs. The couple reports that it sure beats doing it at home.

The Freemans (left) with partner Alex Frank


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