Image courtesy Kevyn Aucoin Beauty

The recently re-launched Kevyn Aucoin line is only available at Neiman Marcus, and it's all about creating your new, super personal, signature look.

(UPDATE: Barneys New York and Gene Juarez also carry the line.)

We popped by the beauty line's new home and gathered three things to know about their primers, polishes, lipsticks, and lash curlers.

1. They're not out to make you look like someone you're not. As senior regional account executive Jennifer Pieracci puts it: "If a woman likes wearing a foundation that's 17 shades too light for her, I'm gonna sell her a million bottles of that foundation because that's what she finds beautiful." The brand prides itself on letting women define and express their beauty, or in other words having no "rules." The brand carries on Aucoin's "nothing to fix" mentality, meaning you won't be pigeonholed into any beauty category other than your own. It's more about using who you are to find the right products and look, and less about pushing you to look like you got your makeup done at the Kevyn Aucoin counter.

2. The man popularized contouring long before Instagram (er, Kim Kardashian) did. Considered an artist with maquillage during his late '80s/early '90s heyday, Aucoin was a top-dog in the industry famous for transforming celeb faces with sculpting. He took the shading and highlighting technique out of theatrics and brought it to the everyday woman with his sculpting powder. For those whose summer beauty regime is "less is more," the contour powder and candlelight glow highlighter are meant to give you a minimalist combo of razor-sharp cheekbones and glowing skin. Pieracci noted that the key is to create structure and not color on the face so blend, people, blend.

3. The mascara/lash curler combo is a staple. Something I learned from the Aucoin peeps: replace your lash curler every year. Apparently there's a whole engineered technology to the thing, and unless you handle it with gloves, it can get kind of wonky.

The Aucoin version of the hallmark tool is included in their legacy collection, a selection of products the legendary makeup artist made before dying in 2002 that were kept when the line re-launched a few years ago. The red silicon strip won't stick to your lashes, lets you see if you've got them all in there, has a special curve for a tight inner and outer lash curl, and, oh yeah, only costs $21.

But what's a curler without mascara? Aucoin's volume tubing mascara was the first of its kind and is still the company's number one seller. Don't expect a brush the size and shape of a hedgehog, this is some old-school black magic that uses a bristle-free wand to build up volume at the base and give you some legit waterproof and easy-remove lashes.