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West Seattle's Fleurt to Open in Pioneer Square

Does Seattle's newest old neighborhood have room for two luscious and gorgeous flower shops? London Plane is about to get a mate.

By Laura Cassidy June 4, 2014


Image courtesy Fleurt

We do love wedding florists with brick and mortar shops.

We love wedding florists who trade in lush, wild-yet-controlled arrangements.

We definitely love Pioneer Square.

Image courtesy Fleurt

So we love the news that Sam Crowley, of West Seattle's Fleurt, is opening in the city's newest old neighborhood (oldest new? newest old? you decide).

The space at 112 South Washington will be called Fleurt PS—"PS" for Pioneer Square, "PS" for petite shop.

Says Crowley, "We will carry many of the same gifts, cards, home decor, personal accessories, plants and of course serve as a full service floral boutique specializing in floral arrangements for pick up, deliveries, and special events. We will also carry some exclusive lines not found at Fleurt WS."

You know how these things are; no sense putting an opening date on the calendar just yet with things like this. But Crowley says she'll be wrapping up cosmos, foxglove, ranunculus, and other exotic but regional, natural finds by the end of June.


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