We all know the factoid: Seattle buys more sunglasses than any other city in the country. Or is it the world? On the earth?

It's a hard—and pointless—statistic to substantiate; what matters is that when the sun shines around here, it shines like no where else. And we bask in it.

My team and I pulled sunglasses from shops big and small, general and optically specific, and then I invited photographer April Brimer and collage artist Serrah Russell into the studio (one on loan from the exceedingly gracious makeup artist Tiffany Colors) one Saturday. We each invited some of our favorites makers, doers, and thinkers to join us, and we all had ourselves a very nice time.

And then. Well, and then April and Serrah kept working. These two talented sets of eyes pooled resources—April's portraits and landscape images, and Serrah's artful cut-and-paste techniques—and the result is here in this slide show.

Have at it: find yourself some shades, get inspired, and bask in the light of this singular place.


West Seattle habitant and La Rustica regular Lucy Spiro wears Illesteva ($276) from Lambs Ear Shoes.