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She makes "everchanging" gold rings and blinged out basketball hoops, and she wears statement necklaces like nobody's business.

By Laura Cassidy Photography by Kirby Calvin June 16, 2014

If I had a list of favorite art pieces made in Seattle (note to self: make a list of favorite art pieces made in Seattle), Redefining Ballerism: Upping the Ante would totally be on it. And if I were going to buy myself a hunk of metal, I would seriously consider an Everchanging Ring. For now, I will settle myself with presenting you with this snapshot of local metal smith/stylist/sculptor Jana Brevick.

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Wearing Vintage glasses from the Seattle Vision Clinic in the International District. Vintage faux fur coat from Mercer Island Thrift. Kai-Aakmann blouse from Totokaelo with a "Parallel" sterling silver neckpiece I made in April for Soil Gallery's show Intergalactic Parallax. Scalloped Japonaiserie bracelet circa the 1880s from Facèré Jewelry Art Gallery and sphere bracelet in steel wire and "sphereing" ring in sterling silver, both on loan from my collection at the gallery. Pet Rock ring in fine silver, white gold, and diamonds. 24k gold forged Everchanging Rings and wedding ring custom made by Lori Talcott. Camo fanny pack from some hardware store in Winthrop. Disco pants from American Apparel. Top secret wedge heel boots from Belle by Sigerson Morrison from their shop in NYC.

Your style in three words Quirky handmade, experimental, vanguard.

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