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SoDo Fashion Show and Market

Heat of the Night is a runway show and design marketplace on fire.

By Laura Cassidy June 10, 2014

It's been difficult lately to maintain that cool air of aloof detachment. There is something happening in the style and fashion scene and there's no sense trying to Seattle-shrug it off. 

Rather, go revel in it this Saturday, June 14

Heat of the Night (prescient, no?, for this warm unJunuary June) celebrates the unfolding with a runway show featuring last year's IDRS winner, Aykut Ozena current contestant, the radical Neon Zinn by Seth Damm, and the show's cofounder's line, Flagship

And there's a whole lot more to see—and to buy. Get your local on, literally, with favorites like Rachel Ravitch, Alice Noon, Dada Coleccion, Iacoli and Mcallister (pictured below), and Faris

Image via Iacoli and Mcallister

There's some secret stuff happening with music, too; a band whose name cannot be revealed and so forth. 

The suggested donation goes to the Seattle Design Foundation, and the associated artists and designers are also donating some of their proceeds. 

Check out the event's Facebook page for more information. 



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