It's our least favorite type of news to report: Seattle-based online boutique Rivet and Sway sold its last pair of glasses and has officially closed.

We reached out to CEO Sarah Bryar to get the story behind the shuttering below.

Rivet and Sway glasses in our Spring 2013 fashion shoot.

While the brand was quite happy with their product, price structure, and customer service, they faced difficulties getting glasses in the hands of consumers and overcoming a pricey marketing format. 

"The biggest challenge we faced was the physical home try-on service as part of the business model. Women want to try frames on before purchasing, but it's an expensive marketing program to ship frames back and forth," explained Bryar. "Our economics were improving, and we had plans to introduce hyper-efficient showrooms to attract customers not yet shopping online, but our progress wasn't strong enough to attract additional capital. And so, we made the hard decision to close the company on a high note."

At the time of the close, Rivet and Sway had a 14-person team. "I'm very proud that we built an authentic brand that women loved and appreciated," she said. "All [my employees] are incredibly talented and I have no doubt they will all go on to do amazing things." 

We likewise wish each of them the best and can't wait to see (just one last glasses pun!) what they do next.


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