Image via Glassybaby

WHERE: Glassybaby Madrona

WHAT: It's that time again; the local glassblowers at Glassybaby's hot shop give deal seekers and decor junkies a chance to snag up charmingly imperfect additions at a discount. The handcrafted candleholders/planters/vases come with minor foibles and are marked at $28 instead of $44, with drinkers going for $35.

Known for its charitable roots, the company will give 10 percent of all proceeds to local nursing programs at Seattle University, Seattle Pacific University, Shoreline Community College, and Bellevue College. 

Heads up to those new to the fanatics: die-hards have been known to line up the evening before to get their hands on the colorful and coveted vessels, so plan ahead. 

WHEN: Doors open at 8am on Saturday, June 21
Can't make it?
Check the store's Facebook page during the seconds sale hours for an online offer.  


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