So a guy walks into a store...

No but, really, I wanted to read Click! co-owner John Smersh's email like it contained a joke ... Victrola horns? iPhones? Neighborhood tinkerers? passive amplifier image courtesy Click! Design that Fits

Does this thing work?

Smersh says it works quite well; it's an example of "passive amplification," meaning it works without electricity to pump up the volume of your pocket computer.

And yeah, some guy in West Seattle figured it out in his garage.

These Edison-era charmingly useful home accessories will be featured tonight, Thursday June 12, at Click's art walk open houes from 6 to 9, but you can go visit them anytime to check them out.

Just do so before Sunday if your dad is the kinda guy who appreciates history, industry, tunes, and talking machines.