Seattle Met contributor Andrew Swanson is the latest tag in the city-wide game of style who's-it. The photographer and multidisciplinarian doer who mostly goes by the name Andrew JS has an unassuming vibe that seems to channel Tokyo and London but, I suspect, is really just his native Northwest coming (darkly) through.

Tagged by Sharon Park

Wearing I own very little, and everything I wear is a reconfiguration of the nine primary pieces of clothing I possess. In this picture it's a black workshirt by Acne from Totokaelo (worn as a jacket) and an A.P.C. x Carhartt pullover with an old white oxford from J. Crew. The pants are from Robert Geller and the tincloth backpack is from Filson, all with a pair of Nike Internationalists.

Style in three words Inky, Comfortable, Unadorned

Closet I'd most like to raid The pianist Glenn Gould for dressing in a way that disappears into his personality, for his lack of ostentation. Formal and eccentric at once, I see his style as a worn representation of his artistic output. When you hear him play the piano, there's no mistaking it, just as when he dons a plain white button up, wool coat, and trousers, he wears them in a way that only Glenn Gould could.

Inspiration comes from Fashion is a narrow field to an extent, and I don't limit my inspiration to it or any other discipline. I am drawn to timelessness and simplicity, but I also desire to be challenged. I've been recently compelled by the photos of Rinko Kawauchi, Oulan Bator by Astier de Villette, the music of William Basinski, Matt Dillon's London Plane, distance running, the writing of Yukio Mishima, boro cloth, the music of Broadcast, the photography of Alex Webb, clothing by Workers Co. Limited, tattoos by Shannon Perry, French typographers and designers Les Graphiquants, the song Mandolin Rain by Bruce Hornsby, the architecture of Olson Kundig, and home linens by Fog to name a few.