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Seattle Astrologer to the Stylish Celebrates Momstrology

It's like a grown-up version of the Capitol Hill block party for people who like ruling planets, old school analog photography, navigating the universe, and family fun.

By Laura Cassidy May 9, 2014

Astrologically minded readers of mags such as Elle know twins Tali and Ophira Edut from monthly horoscope pages, but everyone who thinks about rising suns and ruling planets (and the great star-covered Northwest) should know that Tali actually lives here. Her husband Cory Verellen runs a Seattle Met fave, Rare Medium, and the two are hosting a day-long block party kinda thing on Saturday, May 24 from 10 to 3 to celebrate the release of the Edut sisters' Momstrology.

"We have a passion for creating healthy, happy families," the local Edut told me. "Astrology is a great tool for that. When you can understand what makes each other tick, you can accept your differences and support each other better."

And get this: "When Ophira got pregnant with her Libra daughter Cybele in 2010, motherhood became more of a reality to us," she continues, embracing to a sort of twin-powered we/they. "Before that she was already helping to raise her Leo stepdaughter Clementine, who is now 14. Aunt Tali is the 'other mother' and has a very close relationship with both girls. She even had all of Ophi’s pregnancy symptoms (lucky for Ophi!) so that twin thing of feeling each other’s pain is something we can attest to experiencing."
From this place of reverence, sweetness, and intimacy—and relaxed good fun—the sisters layout how best to love, nourish, and, on a day to day basis, deal logistically with boys and girls of every sign. 
Don't have kids? How about a mom? With their trademark friendly, laid-back, and specific, detailed, example-rich prose, the Eduts write about dealing with mothers of every stripe as well.
And there are lots of fun bits too—like astrology-based family planning. Do people really attempt to conceive children of certain signs?
"Yes they absolutely do and we think it’s just fine to try," Tali says. "But to adapt a saying, 'Woman plans, the universe laughs.' We believe that souls pick their families and when they want to be born. So while one might hope for a Virgo, they could wind up with a Leo or a Libra."

But you know what? You can talk to Tali yourself about all this outside Rare Medium while checking out hands-on photo activities in the Impossible Project’s Airstream trailer (!), scoring special deals from Bootyland and Aria and Moxi Salons, getting little ones inside the nearby Fire Station #25, rolling your sleeves up at the Project Room, and snacking on goods from Dianne's Delights and NuFlours

Check out the official info page for more details.

And here's your final Mother's Day tip: the Edut's book is prominently placed at the downtown Seattle Barnes and Noble store now. I'm not sure which procrastinating sign that tip is best for, but I'm sure the Twins can tell you.


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