These days it seems there's a lightrail car filled with new Seattleites arriving from SeaTac every hour on the hour, but today we close out the week with a reminder that folks still take leave of this town, too.

I was lucky enough to have Kirby Calvin as an intern for six months; he then became a valuable contributor to these pages in other ways. Carmen Daneshmandi has shown up here and in the pages of Seattle Met Bride & Groom. As talented as each of these Northwest natives are, they are both also the embodiment of the idea that "niceness counts." I feel certain that everyone who knows them will agree with that.

When the creative partners reached out and offered to share their last Seattle-made images with us, we replied with a resounding yes. Go out there and get what you're after, you two. Your influence, friendship, hard work, and generosity will be felt here no matter how far away you go. I can't wait to say, "I knew you when."

"[Freelance model] Neko Jamilla was part of our on-going studio series where we would photograph people in our community who we found influential with their personal style and overall vibe," says stylist and photographer Kirby Calvin.