As your physics teacher would love to remind you, like seeks like, so it was no surprise that Carolina Wallin made friends with Bellevue-based designer Suk Chai upon settling in the Seattle area with her husband. Having since made even more contacts in the local makers/doers/creaters scene, you're likely to see the Swedish-born former H&M designer, whose line of colorful foam accessories is called the Green Girl, popup from time to time.

What neighborhood is your studio in?
In Capitol Hill. I love to just stroll around and get inspired by street art and great color combos. I always have my phone ready to take photos. My studio has a lot of light and love that it is our apartment. 

What is your earliest memory of designing?
My mum is a textile teacher and I come from a very creative home. We spent afternoons and evenings in her studio; I had a small sewing machine running on batteries making clothes for my dolls. My mum and grandma always were knitting, doing embrodery, and crochet, and I asked my mum to teach me when I was five-years-old. We aslo had a small loom and I loved to weave. In our family we always have a project in our hands when we sit on the sofa. Creating is in my blood, fifth generation. 
What do you do to get yourself in a productive headspace when you're feeling stuck?
I always listen to my gut feeling. When I feel stuck I leave what I'm working on until later and start with something new. Or I'll drink a cup of tea and flick through the inspirational photos I've been taking and go through my notes and drawings. Or run through my materials to get inspired, or maybe head for a walk or the gym, cook some food, and then my thoughts get straight and everythings becomes clear. 
Five things you can't work without: Scalpel, pfiffikus, quilt ruler, all the material that I've been collecting, and great noise—either music or a TV series.
What cool new projects are in the works?
I just finished my installation and jewelry for the foam room for the event Material Matters at Makers on May 22 and I'm very excited to create a new marble effect for the clay parts of my foam jewelry. I'm also working on products for my newly released online shop

Where can we find your work?
So far at my shop on