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Style Tag: Hair and Makeup Artist Lindsey Watkins

Commercial and editorial hair and makeup artist Lindsey Watkins talks Lady Gaga, personal history, and benefits of brick and mortars.

By Laura Cassidy Photography by Kirby Calvin April 15, 2014

Having worked with Lindsey Watkins on photo shoots for Seattle Met and Seattle Met Bride & Groom, we were quite familiar with her when her name came up in this Style Tag thread. But despite our background knowledge on this bold creature, we loved the way her "tagger" or predescessor described her, and wer're going to let his intro do the work here.

"I met Lindsey through my boyfriend; she did our makeup for Halloween when we both went as David Bowie—me as Ziggy Stardust and him as the Goblin King from “Labyrinth." Lindsey also went to RISD and studied graphic design. She is a style chameleon. I’ve seen her range from a punk Flamenco dancer with a giant black flower in her braided hair, to a '70s glam rock acid pink Flashdancer, to her ridiculously authentic Mary Poppins Halloween costume. She loves to take risks with color and different decades of style, but never looks like she’s wearing a costume (except on Halloween, of course!). Her approach to make-up is painterly and I love that she is also a bit of a perfectionist. It doesn’t hurt that she is quite statuesque as well."

Tagged by Guy Caspary

Wearing The blazer and dress are both randomly from Express; the blazer is about three years old and the dress was purchased in December. The necklace is a Goodwill find; the tights are by Patternity from Zovo Lingerie in U Village; the shoes are Jeffrey Campbell, purchased online from Nasty Gal; the silver and ruby ring was my grandmother's on my father's side and the gold frog ring, the bracelet that says "good luck" and the beaded clutch purse were all my grandmother's on my mother's side. The black watch band is from Hammer and Awl.

Your style in three words 1. Story. I love wearing clothing that has a story or memory attached to it. I always remember where I was or what I was feeling when I bought something, even if I've had it for decades. Or if it previously belonged to someone close to me I feel like I carry that person with me. I have a lot of jewelry, purses, belts from my late grandmother on my mother's side and it's the best way to keep her spirit alive and to show pride in the life she lived. I've even seen her wearing some of the items that I now own in old reel-to-reel footage or black and white photos.

2. Unique. Oftentimes I hear myself thinking "Wow, I've never seen anything like this before and I can't tell if it's amazing or hideous, I think I should buy it." I really like owning clothing that is uncommon, that I don't see other people having the guts or desire to wear. Items that are just odd. Then, I try to take it a step further and pair all of these items in unique ways. I try to create a composition, a collage, if you will, that has balance and interest. I suppose this last bit stems from my education as a graphic designer

3. Pattern. I don't know why, but for the last decade I am so drawn to patterns, mostly of the graphic black and white ilk: stripes, hounds-tooth, polka-dots. I can't escape it. And I also like mixing patterns as a way to be bold.

Closet you'd most like to raid Lady Gaga's; I think she takes fashion into the realm of sculpture and performance art, and although many think she's nuts and wears some ugly sh*t, I think it's great. I've always tried to push my look and she has the money and amazing designers backing her to push past my Halloween costumes and hair sculptures.

Inspiration zone I hate to say this, but I don't spend much time online. I get a lot of my fashion inspiration from being physically inside clothing stores. I buy what draws me to it, what inspires me, what makes my heart race when I see it and touch it. I'm a collector, I rarely get rid of clothing and I often get re-inspired to wear items in my closet that may have laid dormant for a year or more, like this cobalt blazer. I also gather retired items from my mother and her mother.


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