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Tatterdemalion Does the Rosebowl Flea and More

Seattle vintage collector and seller Ty Ziskis shares some photos of a recent trip to Los Angeles with De Rien cofounder Richard Wise.

By Laura Cassidy March 31, 2014

Some years back, Seattle-based Ty Ziskis formed a relationship with London-based father-son duo Richard and Cosmo Wise of De Rien, who are known to workwear geeks and vintage/antique hounds for amassing, quietly reworking (sometimes), and reselling a focused and directional collection of world-sourced denim, cotton, and otherwise sturdy but romantically worn-thin trousers, jackets, robes, tunics, and more.

The friendship eventually led to Ziskis being more or less the American arm of the Wises' so-called "rag couture" operation;  Ziskis calls the stateside version Tatterdemalion.

The Wises and Ziskis have a very enviable and modern sort of collaboration, one that recently—earlier this March—included a trip to Los Angeles to meet up with Richard; the main goal was to check out the Rosebowl Flea market and check in with some SoCal contacts.

Ziskis shared these photos with us, and we're sharing them with you because, well, why not? While theirs wasn't a straightforward buying trip or market week, Ziskis's and Wise's sojourn makes me think how great it would be to share the travels of more Seattle retailers. In other words: wouldn't it be cool if this "Retail Travel Journal" thing actually became a thing?

Check out the slide show—and stay tuned—for more.

Seattle "rag couture" style icon Ty Ziskis in the California sunshine. The vintage and antique workwear dealer said the trip was about "taking appointments at our apartment, checking out cool old buildings we dreamt of acquiring, doing a little buying, seeing old friends, getting lost, meeting new friends, starting new collaborations.... maybe planting a few LA seeds?"



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