Guy Caspary was introduced to me as a scientist with a masters in fine art from RISD who worked in the galleries of Chelsea in New York until 9/11, when he came back to Seattle. (Hello! Interested already!) The Cap Hill resident tells me he now works in bio-tech but is "plotting his return" to something a bit more traditionally creative. He's at home for now, figuring out how to encorporate three modern chandeliers he bought off eBay from a German church, but he's a traveller at heart—northern Italy is next. Lucky guy. We caught up with him to get his personal style download. 

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Wearing Dark navy wool trousers by Human Scales, bought at this fabulous men’s hunting-style, tweedy plaid-filled men’s store in Reykjavik. Navy leather shoes from Paolo in San Francisco. Micro-floral fine-wale corduroy shirt from Gitman Bros., bought at Barneys NY in Seattle. Red leather belt from Ian, Seattle. Selvedge thin-stripe chambray scarf from the Hillside, bought at J. Crew. Color block wool coat by Robert Geller, bought from Gilt. Silver specs by Wonder Glasses, bought at Colaizzo on Queen Anne. Grey leather gloves from Surface to Air in Paris.

Your style in three words 1. Hunt. Shopping is an adventure. I like to find unique things when traveling, on-line, thrifting, or generally in small boutiques. 2. Vintage. I love the fit and fabric and quality of vintage clothes. When I was young, this was a great way to get cool clothes for little money. Now I hunt for old Aquascutum overcoats, belt buckles, and '70s YSL sport coats. 3. Value. I almost never pay full price. That’s part of the hunt for me. I love a good deal.

Closet you'd most like to raid After seeing the “David Bowie Is…” exhibition at the V&A Museum in London, I would raid his closet/archives—though he was tiny and I would probably never fit in any of the clothes. I did dress as Ziggy Stardust for Halloween and it was a blast. It would be a hoot to be inside Daphne Guinness’ closets as well. I’m sure she has many huge closets full of gorgeous clothes.



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