Just exactly what—and who—are the roots of high fashion in Seattle?

Detail of historical beaded garment, courtesy MOHAI

MOHAI would be glad to hear you ask; the regional history museum's upcoming annual history lecture on Sunday, April 13 looks at Madame Thiry and Helen Igoe, a couple of globetrotting Seattle trendsetters from the early 20th century.

Clara Berg, MOHAI's young yet highly learned in-house costume and wardrobe specialist will share insight and information about these important figures, and then lead a targeted tour of the institute's amazing garment collection.

The event was just announced and is almost sold out already; at the time of this post, spots remain for the 1pm lecture and the 3pm garment viewing, but there are no more spots in the 2pm garment viewing.

Visit the MOHAI site for more information, and for tickets.