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Get Involved: Love City Love, Vignettes, Mark Mitchell

The Capitol Hill spots host a Seattle fashion and photography show and explore artful e-commerce, and the artist and designer wants to teach you to sew.

By Laura Cassidy March 14, 2014

Three things to think about as we head into the weekend:

1. Make yourself available on Thursday, March 20 to check out the opening of Untitled Woman at Love City Love. Featuring some of the brightest female minds working in fashion and photography in Seattle today, this is exactly the kind of thing I was talking about as the year turned to 2014 and I predicted big things in this scene. And by "big" I mean, you know, your mind expands, your social circle expands, the reach of Seattle's talent extends further and further ...

Want to really get involved? Check out the Facebook page and consider donating.

2. When we named Sierra Stinson one of Seattle's most influential people, we weren't doing so lightly. As the talented young curator prepares to take her innovative gallery Vignettes digital, we're prepared to see her (and partner Graham Downing) make strides not just in extending the reach (there's that phrase again) of Northwest art but in art-focused e-commerce, too.

In the explanation section of a Kickstarter-like crowd-sourced funding campaign underway now (hint: consider donating to this, too!) for Vignettes Collection, Stinson states, "We are interested in exploring what it is to represent the under-represented and non-represented artist and reevaluate a galleries relationship with the artist and the collector."

Are you interested in having art in your home? In having artists in your community? You should be interested in that exploration, too.

Vignettes' Facebook page" data-image-selection='{"width":960,"height":640,"x1":0,"y1":0,"x2":960,"y2":640}'>

Rumi Koshino at Vignettes; image via Vignettes' Facebook page

3. If there is more than one garment in your closet that isn't being worn for lack of a button or the want of a better hem, the coolest thing you could possibly do about it is sign up for one of designer/artist/Style Counselor Mark Mitchell's hand sewing workshops.

There's a blurb on Mitchell's Facebook page about the classes, scheduled for April 5, April 19, and May 3 (scroll down to his March 5 post), but rest assured he dropped me a line to make it clear that you're all invited.

Having spent an afternoon and evening or two in the man's company, I can tell you that it's impossible to enjoy his wisdom and charm without learning something, but this is truly the real deal. He's all about the details. And the craft.

Extend your reach (third time's a charm) and the life of your closet, and (yes, once more), support the local arts. Check out the FB page for yourself and then email Mitchell at itsmarkmitchell @ when you're ready to sign up.

Image via Mark Mitchell's Facebook page



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