UPDATE: Mobile Food Rodeo organizer Ryan Reiter told us via email on July 22 that "due to low vendor commitments, we postponed [the Antiques and Collectibles Rodeo] until next year."

Meaning, this is happening for 2014, but with any luck—or, as Reiter says, the other 60 percent of vendors he'd need to fill in the mix—it'll be on the calendar for 2015.

You can bet we'll fill you in when the time comes.


Imagine 400 vendors with oodles and piles and stacks and racks of antiques and vintage goods.

Now add 35 food trucks.

Now put this scene down in Seattle, where no outdoor shopping event of this kind has ever been staged before. 

We're pleased to be the very first to tell you about the Antiques and Collectibles Rodeo—you can call it the Antiques Rodeo for short—set for Sunday, August 17 from 10 to 7 at Husky Stadium.

Need a visual? Okay here goes:

Graphic rendering of the Antiques Rodeo courtesy Antiques and Collectible Rodeo

Brought to you by those geniuses who do the Mobile Food Rodeo and the Fremont Outdoor Movies, the Antiques Rodeo is all about bringing the best of Washington, Oregon, and California collectors to one place.

While this summer's one-time-only date is it for 2014, organizer Ryan Reiter tells me their "long term plan is to make this event a once-a-month thing on every third Sunday, but for now we are going to do it big once." Reiter and his team will begin planning the 2015 summer season as early as this June. "We expect this to be a big success."

We do, too. In part because Reiter just knows what he's doing—his father cofounded the Fremont Sunday Market 25 years ago; this stuff is in his blood—and in part because he's secured Georgetown-based dealers Kirk Albert and Susan Wheeler as well as beloved Ballardite Curtis Steiner as advisors (read: they're committed to the good stuff; nothing younger than twenty years and all that good stuff) and he's forming relationships with local collectives such as Pacific Galleries. And the Rodeo may feature some of those vendor's pieces in the covered tent and canopy areas that Reiter is reserving for the high-end stuff.

Admission will be $5—or $20 if you want early bird entrance two hours before the official start time.

Those mobile food round-ups regularly bring in more than 20,000 visitors every time they circle up. Will turn of the century sewing machines, vintage bathing suits, and naive portraits of anonymous agriculture heroes bring in the kinds of crowds that gravy-drowned biscuits and Korean tacos do?

Only time will tell. Follow along on the Antiques Rodeo Facebook page to watch it all unfold. Of course, we'll keep you posted, too.

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