Among the quintessential Valentine's Day gifts for gals: sweet-smelling objects from perfume to candles to soaps and sachets.

Thick Cut Bacon soap from Seattle Soap Shop; you're vegetarian? No problem, so is the soap.

Traditionally speaking, we don't always think of gifting the guys with such things but the modern Seattle male (even that urban woodsman sort) is into a sort of well-groomed vibe and it makes a lot of sense to reward him for that.

Enter Bellevue's Seattle Soap Shop, an online destination where Shelly Holbrook-Ebeling offers cold process handmade soaps in all kinds of new world compositions. Like, for instance, Thick Cut Bacon and Red Wine. There's a section devoted to Man Cave types, but I see no reason to stick too strictly to those non-trad versions of traditionally "male" notes and ingredients.

Don't you love the idea of your man, fresh out of a shower redolent of Rosemary Mint?

With notes of black peppercorn, leather, and citrus, Seattle Soap Shop's Black Tie takes a guy from 501s to a tuxedo in no time.

Take note of the site's beer and cocktails section, and then take note of the date.

Says Holbrook-Ebeling: "I pack and ship same day or next. I would say—to be on the safe side!—orders should be placed no later than Monday February 10 to arrive in time for Valentine's Day, although I am also happy to meet my procrastinating customers at an Eastside Starbucks as late as Valentine's Day itself. They just need to call or e-mail to make arrangements."

If that's not a ringing endorsement for local artisans I don't know what is.

Take care not to mistake Seattle Soap Shop's Champagne soap for a hunk of Parmesan.