In our end of the year wrap-up we pledged to keep an eye on the burgeoning Seattle fashion photography scene not just by continuing our own collaborations with these talented people, but by sharing the projects they produce on their own as well.

So here goes.

But first, a little background: models need portfolio shots so that clients can peep their moves and get a feel for their look. And, in the case of local women like Teela Laroux (okay, we share her with LA), how short or long their hair is and what color it is these days. (Kudos to models who change it up, and aren't tied down to the long, straight thing.)

Shooters like Simonet cut their teeth on this kind of thing; shooting for and with local agencies and talent is a sort of unofficial post-grad. For this set of boyishly rogue, vaguely Audrey Hepburn-meets-Oliver Twist images, Simonet and Laroux teamed up with stylist Maxwell Bennett, who put together looks from local thrift shops and Bon Voyage Vintage in Pio Square. No hair and makeup artists on this job; they're often not utilized for these kinds of striped down portfolio images.

They met at the Seattle Central Creative Academy studio, and, in Simonet's words, focused thusly: "Teela has been modeling for about 10 years and has worked with some very established, well known photographers. In knowing that, I wanted the photos to be simple and uncomplicated yet raw and expressive."