Dress Up

Go See (in Your Best Outfit): Rigoletto

Seattle Opera's Red Carpet Opening night is an opportunity to put on 1930s style and live it up in high style at McCaw Hall.

By Laura Cassidy January 3, 2014

WHERE: McCaw Hall

WHAT: There's a concerted effort underway to dress this town up for Seattle Opera's Red Carpet Opening Night. The organization's media manager said via email that, "In many cities, opening night at the opera isn’t only about the performance. It's an event to see and be seen. Here in Seattle, we're in the process of transforming our opening nights into a special red-carpet event where attendees can expect a fun and glamorous atmosphere." Okay then. We're all for it.

Something like this would work just fine for opening night at the Seattle Opera.

In keeping with their production of Rigoletto's 1930s setting, the Opera encourages men in well-draped suits and women in Old Hollywood finery. 

The dressed-up good-time continues after the show with the Jester's Ball.

WHEN: Saturday, January 11. Tickets are available via Seattle Opera.


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