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Road Test: Partly Sunny Skin Care

We test out the locally formulated skin care line made with Pacific Northwest complexions in mind.

By Amanda Zurita December 6, 2013

Seattle esthetician Susan Grace was constantly hearing the same story: "People new to our area were coming to me saying they had normal skin their entire lives until they moved here, but now they were experiencing break outs, often accompanied by red, inflamed patches," she tells us.

After nearly ten years of suggesting cleansers from one brand, and toners and moisturizers from others, Grace opted to formulate Partly Sunny, her own skin care line specific to Pacific Northwest complexions.

"People living in the Northwest, whether long-term residents or recent transplants, typically have dry buildup on the surface and pore congestion beneath," she explains. To combat these issues, every product contains Pacific seaweed, which detoxifies skin and helps renew damaged cells. Other ingredients in the all-natural, ecofriendly line: nourishing honey and calendula; maritime pine bark to decrease redness; and vitamin D (which we're all lacking come February) for a healthy glow.

The Partly Sunny five-product lineup includes a serum, moisturizer, exfoliator (coming soon), cleanser, and toner all specifically formulated for Pacific Northwest complexions.
Image via Partly Sunny

We tested out the line and found that after a week our skin was smoother overall, with those lovely winter dry patches and flakes all but gone. The toner in particular is a standout, leaving skin feeling fresh and luminous without the harsh chemical sting that we're used to in toners.

For those of you haunted by a climatic complexion, shop Partly Sunny online. Products are priced between $28 and $54.


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