Popup Season

Popup: Nest Together at Land Management

Neo bebop hand-forged jewelry from Faris and crafted crystal botanicals and shibori scarves from Chloe Touran are just the start.

By Laura Cassidy December 3, 2013

When we Style Tagged Michele Andrews we mentioned the Nest Together holiday popup she was staging with style conspirator and expert maker Sanam Miremadi. 

The time is upon us for crucial details. Here goes:

Shibori scarf from Chloe Touran; image courtesy Nest Together

WHAT Heavy on vintage and handmade, the collection is set to include the European sourced antique workwear of Ty Ziskis' Tatterdemalion, skivvies from Sloane and Tate ("the best underwear EVER," says Andrews), local jewelry from Faris du Graf, Portland's Boet jewelry, imagery from Megumi Arai, vintage clothing from Andrew's Daughters of Wands and New York's Where I Was From, and handmade realness from Miremandi's Chloe Touran.

WHEN Saturday, December 14 from 11 to 9 and Sunday, December 15 from 11 to 8. Yep, same weekend as Screen Style, so you're all set up for a perfect date: shopping and a stylish movie.


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