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Jack Straw, Design Within Reach, and Baby and Co.: New Neighbors

Mark our words: The block at Virginia and First in Belltown is going to become a powerful style destination this spring.

By Laura Cassidy December 20, 2013

If you watch Seattle retail or downtown real estate, this is the news you've been waiting for (it's definitely news I've been excited to share): Jack Straw is moving into the not-too-long-ago vacated Peter Miller Books space between Baby and Co. and Design Within Reach.

The store's John Richards described the Belltown spot as his "fantasy space" and told me he's had his eye on it for years.

A Jack Straw men's look on a client/model outside the current location; get ready for more Jack Straw on First and Virginia next year. Image via

When he approached the landlords there, they told him that (of course) they had had plenty of other interest, but...there's no denying that it's a fantastic fit, so the deal was sealed.

After a subtle build-out—the new Jack Straw won't be too much like the present one, and Richards is actually taking a loss on square footage—the new shop will be live by March 15.

Richards has always expressed a ton of reverence and admiration for Baby and Co.'s Jill and Wayne Donnelly, his soon-to-be neighbors—and vice-versa; the Donnellys are fans of Richards—and there's a really cool slight-overlap/respectful difference in the way the two stores buy, sell, merchandise, and market.

The soon-to-expand DWR, Antonio, and Le Pichet are icing on the cake.

Don't wait til March to visit Richards and his crew; this spring they're adding two or three new women's lines, with even more women's offerings to come next fall. The longtime retail pro and expert style hunter tells me he's been quietly growing the elegantly edgy, vaguely androgynous offerings for his female clients, so as he continues to fine-tune his men's, the former will be emphasized and pushed to the fore.

New lines—including Marni—land in January; the store's in fall sale mode as we speak.



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