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Trunk Show: Punk (Not Really) Brides at Belltown Bride

Punk Rock Bride, a Washington D.C.-based wedding dress company, relocated to Alki Beach and they want to show you what they're about. (Spoiler: it's necessarily moto boots and mohawks.)

By Laura Cassidy November 6, 2013

One of my favorite things about watching my friends get married over the years is how often I've been surprised. Especially when it comes to tradition. More often than not, even the tattooed, guitar-playing, fixed-gear riders say something like, "You know, I just want something long and white and pretty and feminine."

Enter Punk Rock Bride. Now, it isn't what you think.

The formerly Washington D.C.-based dress designers came up with the name based on the '80s tune "Punk Rock Girl" (we're really dating ourselves here, ladies), which, sure, is by a (mostly) bona fide punk rock band but definitely isn't an abrasive, anti-authority punk rock song.

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And really, I'm really splitting hairs here, but it's because I don't want you to think that the recently relocated brand new Seattleites are offering black jagged-hem frocks and tartan plaid minis.

As Punk Rock Bride's Meredith Vey told me, "We were looking for a name that would signify an alternative to tradition and was all about individual style. We use a lot of non-traditional (and natural) fabrics like silk-cotton and silk-wool and try to incorporate more fashion-forward details into the dresses so people can choose a style that reflects who they are."

What is it you're looking for?

You might find it at their trunk show at Belltown Bride from Saturday through Monday, November 9-11. And if you can't make it to the official affair, stop by any time before Thanksgiving; the collection will remain in the shop as a means of testing these Seattle waters.

The Punk Rock team told me they're going to take a little time to figure out where their collections should live, and they haven't ruled out opening their own local showroom.

Welcome to town, PRB!


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