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Style Tag: Vivian Lee of Vivian Lee Style

Spa Noir owner Jessica Norton tags another Ampersand as Apostrophe fan.

By Laura Cassidy November 25, 2013

Fans of certain It bags seem to flock together. Have you noticed? In this episode of Style Tag, our pass-it-along style game, Spa Noir owner Jessica Norton tags Vivian Lee of the eponymous cut and color Fremont hair salon. Together they make a pretty strong case for mixing vintage and modern with Ampersand as Apostrophe's oxblood styles.

She's It: Vivian Lee

Tagged by: Jessica Norton

Wearing: Vintage wool skirt, Isabel Marant blouse from Les Amis, Ampersand as Apostrophe utility pouch, vintage sand dollar necklace from Feathers in Austin, Texas, and bracelets from Baby and Co, In God We Trust, Jill Golden, and Kimberly Baker.

Your style in three words: Vintage, texture, and eclectic.

Closet you'd most like to raid: Kate Moss's. I would wear everything in her closet. I love the way she mixes vintage and elegance with a little bit of rock & roll.



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