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New! Glasswing at Melrose Market

The three-member collective all but transform Melrose Market by bringing in a much-needed fashion and lifestyle perspective. Next time you stop for wine and cheese, take home vintage, independent design, and more.

By Laura Cassidy November 29, 2013

Today, Friday November 29, Melrose Market takes it up a notch.

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With the real-world opening of the once online-only Glasswing, a fashion and lifestyle collective the marketplace feels fully realized.

The oysters, the cheese, the wine, the flowers, the sandwiches ... all those things made for a beautiful and deliciously Seattle-y  shopping, meeting, and living spot, but the vintage clothing, heritage lifestyle implements, independent designers, plant matter, and random emphera from Sean Frazier, Forest Eckley, and Alisa Furoyama (the individuals who are the collective) make Melrose Market feel real.

With a mix that includes jewelry, playing cards, and new world furniture and combines makers from down the street (Rachel Ravitch, Meghann Sommer) and across the world (Oliver Spencer), the open, brick-walled 3,000 square foot space fits into the slowly growing trend of anti-niche niche retail wherein the aesthetic is finely dialed but the subject matter could, would, and should include just about anything.

The image here only hints at the shop's ultra-pleasing earthy, retro-modern balance. I don't have to urge you to go see it for yourself sometime soon. I know you'll happen by in short order, and for your sake, I'm glad.


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