The Gucci store in downtown Seattle opened in the middle of the recesssion to a lot of apprehension and much merriment.

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But that was then—February 2009 to be exact—and this is now.

Now, is Gucci at the Bravern.

When? Well, I can't tell you that for sure. Sometime in 2014.

Where? Well, it looks as though the luxury retailer might be taking over the spaces formerly occupied by Piazza Sempione, Brooks Brothers, and DNA 2050.

Not Piazza Sempione, Brooks Brothers, or DNA 2050 but Piazza Sempione, Brooks Brothers, and DNA 2050.

A representative of the Bravern helped put me in touch with Gucci, but when I asked for specifics—is the downtown store staying? is the Bravern store going to take over all that space?—all I got in reply was, "Thanks for your interest. We aren't ready to share any information about the new store at this time."

But the Bravern rep tells me that: "permits have been filed within those spaces for Gucci. This will be one of Gucci's world flagship locations at approximately 8,000 square feet. It will be big."

Stay tuned; we'll fill you in as details emerge.


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