She's it: Spa Noir owner Jessica Norton

Paging 70s style icons ... Jessica Norton in Belltown.

Tagged by: April Pride

Wearing: Every outfit I put together has to stand up to long hours working with clients—waxing, facials, and other services—and it almost always includes one vintage piece. My blouse is vintage from Hot Rod Heidi, the jeans are by Imogene and Willie, jewelry is a mix of Kimberly Baker and vintage, the bag is Ampersand as Apostrophe, and the shoes are Swedish Hasbeens.

Your style in three words: Works for me!

Closet you'd most like to raid: Bianca Jagger circa 1970s. I love the sexy/androgynous vibe of her pantsuits and silk blouses. And Sharon Stone's character Ginger in Casino; very single dress, pair of shoes, all the jewelry and accessories—I absolutely love.


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