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Six Things You Can't Miss at Get Hitched Give Hope: #1

The countdown to Seattle's best wedding party has begun. We kick it off with the number one reason you have to be there, and we'll continue counting down until November 14.

By Laura Cassidy September 25, 2013

The first thing you have to know about this year's Get Hitched Give Hope gala on Thursday, November 14 at the Four Seasons Hotel Seattle is that it's a party.

Okay sure, it's a sort of hybrid: part wedding show—you will get planning, networking, and idea-making/cementing done—and part celebration of celebrations.

It's a taking-care-of-business bash, an accomplishment extravaganza. And, because at the heart of GHGH is a dream-fulfilling mission for those in need, it's a giving-back fest. A selfless self-indulgence. But we'll get to more on that part soon enough.

Revelers at Get Hitched Give Hope 2011.

In an effot to count down the weeks until we get there, this series will spotlight six of our biggest, shiniest, most you-have-to-go aspects.

Kicking it off with #1: Me.

Now, I'm really not one to boast, and believe me I'm cringing the hardest at that, but here's the thing: each year we auction off a shopping excursion with yours truly and as I am fond of saying, I do shop for a living. I find gorgeous shoes and hunt out one-of-a-kind accent pieces professionally.

And I've done these shopping trips enough times with enough winners to know that it makes a huge difference in their look, and their outlook.

So if, on one hand, you're the kind of engaged person (see, I could just as easily rock a pre-wedding groom-styling spree as a bride-styling spree) who feels super confident about your wedding day look and you just want some killer, non-biased, third-party (read: I'm not your future mother-in-law!) assistance dialing in the hard-to-find elements and putting together some party looks for the rehearsal dinner and whatnot, I'm your gal.

If, on the other hand, you're overwhelmed by dress shapes, suit silhouettes, colors, heel heights, necklines, and hair and makeup, I am also that gal. I will confidently take your hand and help you figure it all out—one careful detail at a time.

But, you have to be the highest bidder once we get to that live auction moment. 

Keep in mind: the money goes to Get Hitched Give Hope's beneficiaries. Like all the wedding industry professionals who produce this gala event, I'm a volunteer. You bid on fantastic goods, services, and experiences, but the money funds someone else's experiences—someone else who really deserves the gift.

Tickets start at $35 and are on sale right now.


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