Wedding Wednesday

7 Real Weddings Details

The must-have shots that'll get your wedding noticed—by your guests and by the photo editors of Seattle Met Bride & Groom's Real Weddings section.

By Laura Cassidy August 14, 2013

Given that so many Northwest weddings are taking place in the lovely months of September and October, I'm going to officially title this week, Smack Dab in the Middle of Wedding Season.

Let's celebrate with a list of top wedding details that'll not only put your wedding (or the one you're working on) in the running for inclusion in Seattle Met Bride & Groom's Real Weddings section, but give the affair that all-important sense of meaningful personalization.

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1. Beautiful, illustrative, but not necessarily posed images of the stars of the day. We want to see the coiled hair and the carefully chosen rhinestone comb, and we'll love it even more when the lighting is ethereal and the moment feels like an actual moment... not just one of many staged checklist shots.

2. A venue that almost becomes like a member of the wedding party. A venue with character and grace. And images that show the wood, brick, wallpaper, breadth, depth, deck, patio, pillar, post, and/or expansive lawn of it all.

3. The bounty of botanicals. Whether your celebration is in February or August, whether you go with rich evergreen boughs or imported orchid stems, whether you choose a tone-on-tone color story or an eclectic array of bold hues, work with your vendors to bring plant and flower life to your day in a manner that perfectly fits your overall event mood.

4. This city knows how to eat, and drink. What you serve at your wedding is as important as the songs you play and the suit you wear. And since every guest will be snapping her and his own version of the plates and sharing the images on Facebook and Instagram, you best ensure your photographer has instructions to go beyond that and really capture the inventive appetizers, seasonal mains, so-special specialty cocktails, and of course the decadent dessert(s).

5. Our favorite wedding detail is the favor. There, we said it. It's a little thing, but it's such a big thing. Thanking your guests with a sweet something and sending them home with a memento that'll remind them of the time they spent with you, well, it's just a really impactful and sweet way to make an evening—or a morning, or a weekend, or whatever—last for ever.

6. The simple pleasure of a well-laid table is never more front-and-center than at a wedding. Okay, maybe the Thanksgiving feast gives the nuptual reception a run for its money but the only thing that compares to walking into a room and seeing meticulous settings, handsome printed menus and place cards, and gorgeous, inventive centerpieces on luxe linens is seeing graphic, striking images of all that in photographs. Tables should feel abundant and celebratory; they're your guests' home for the evening, after all. Make it a comfortable and attractive one.

7. We like to stay away from putting too much emphasis on trends around here. Afterall, the only trend that really matters is that more and more couples are doing exactly what feels right to them and ignoring the current buzz. But we do really love to see what it is that feels exactly right to you. We want to see the alder wood archway your father and eight year-old nephew built. We want to see the teepee village you set up in the field of tall grass. Show us the fireplace where folks gathered for hot chocolate and homemade marshmallows. Show us the army of giant pastel balloons that floated above the spot where you said, "I Do." Show us you. 

The deadline for the winter/spring 2014 issue of Seattle Met Bride & Grooms Real Weddings? Friday, November 1.




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