Bumbershoot. Bands, food, art, performance, long lines, face painting, and ... fashion? International fashion even?

Image from Arise magazine courtesy Erika Dalya Massaquoi.

Fashion-y, curated by Seattle newcomer Erika Dalya Massaquoi, is three galleries of imagery and ephemera blending modern fashion illustration and photography with the latest and greatest style innovations from Africa and Asian.

Sounds ambitious, right? Well check it: Dalya Massaquoi is plenty fashion-y herself. And art-y. The former assistant dean of the School of Art & Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York has curated at MIT, taught at Yale, and currently serves on the Board Trustees at Pratt Fine Arts Center and is a consultant curator at SAM. And she's a mom, and a veritable style icon. Yes.

Even if you were hoping to avoid those aforementioned long lines and face-painters, you can still get in on this local-meets-global fashion opportunity. 

Please join Dalya Massaquoi, local designer Emeka Alams, and me at Elliott Bay Books on Thursday, August 29 at 7. The guest of the hour is British fashion journalist Helen Jennings, who will be signing copies of New African Fashion and talking with us the emerging style scene on that continent, and what it means for the world-wide industry.

The event is free, the scene will be colorful and vital, and the conversation will be open and inclusive—and pertinent to all who understand the good, bad, and random of innovating, creating, and looking mad fly in a slightly off-the-radar locale.

You hear me, Seattle?

Oh and if you're the homework type: Get a copy of Dossier in which photos of Emeka Alams by our own Carmen Daneshmandi go with his thoughts on this very topic: New African fashion.



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