When the charmingly dapper Simon Doonan last visited our Barneys outpost, the chain's creative ambassador was plugging a book, but when he returned on Wednesday and Thursday July 10 and 11, he was spreading goodwill for a local Parkinson's Project and the newly remodeled downtown shop—as well as helping his better half, home designer Jonathan Adler, celebrate a new U Village shop.

Simon Doonan and Barneys fashion director Tomoko Ogura hosted a fundraiser with Kingfish Cafe owners Leslie and Laurie Coaston at the newly remodeled downtown store on Wednesday, July 10. Image courtesy Barneys New York.

The Parkinson's fundraiser on Wednesday, a collaboration with the stylish sisters of Kingfish Cafe, was a big success; Doonan and the downtown staff were abuzz with fun details when they welcomed a crew of local media types for an early morning breakfast gathering the next day.

A hand-dyed cashmere sweater from British Columbia's Raif Adelberg, new for fall at Barneys.

Over croissants and coffee, Doonan and fashion director Tomoko Ogura chatted less about trends and more about personalities and projects; the stories behind Raif Adelberg's super-soft tie-dyed knits and Greg Lauren's salvaged army jackets, both new for fall, were a big focus. On the accessories end, it's all about the American-made Shinola watch.

It's always interesting to hear how others perceive our style; when talk did turn to what's hot for the coming season, Doonan was pretty sure we'd be all over the next wave of sneaker love. He scooped up the styles above—from Givenchy, Margiela, Giuseppe Zanotti, and more—and confidently declared them perfect for us. And really, the paint-splattered lace-ups are perfect for me, thank you very much.

He also seemed genuinely interested in our obsession level with Hedi Slimane, Saint Laurent, and the whole black and white thing. And while we do lean a little more slip-on than spike heel, I think he's got a pretty good handle on us.