Say hello to our new friend, Style Counselor Kisha Vaughan. You can find out all about this Macklorette, mom, and all-around rad lady in this August issue page.

These two extra looks are just that: extra. Ditto that the video, in which Mrs. Thing is seen in action. Enjoy.

We love the mash-up of country-chic overalls with a faux-luxe baseball jacket. Vaughan calls these heeled Prada booties "mascara for your butt." The top hat might be mascara for your mascara.

When Vaughan's second child comes this winter, you can bet you won't see her toting a Winnie the Pooh diaper bag around. She used a carry-all from Baby and Co. (ironic, no?) when her son was an infant, and tied this raccoon tail (from the West Seattle Street Fair) on as a bit of extra I'm-not-a-soccer-mom bling. For Vaughan, Docs are everything.

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