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Glassybaby Seconds Sale

It's that time of year; Seattle's color-obsessed artisan glassblowers are discounting the prices on a slew of slightly irregular Glassybaby votives and vessels.

By Julia Kernerman June 19, 2013

Image via Glassybaby

WHERE: Glassybaby

WHAT: It seems like you can't enter a restaurant, stylish boutique, or cute Seattle bungalow without seeing a glowing Glassybaby votive warming up the room.

We've also seen quite a few decorating wedding reception tables, and we know they're a popular wedding-party gifts.

Lucky for us, the notorious local business hosts a Seconds Sale each year; all products with slight imperfections go for $28 each instead of the normal $44. Additionally, Glassybaby donates 10 percent of its profits to the Kathi Goertzen Foundation, which supports brain tumor patients.

Beware, this event is hugely popular. It's likely that more than a few fellow Glassybaby enthusiasts will have lined up the night before—or at least arrived well before the start time.

WHEN: Saturday, June 29. Doors open at 8.


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