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2BU Mobile Manicures

Busy women on the go, rejoice. 2BU brings spa services in to your home for personalized pampering.

By Amanda Zurita June 27, 2013

Image via 2BU

Like many great ideas, 2BU Beauty (formerly Sweet Pea Pedicures) first started as a fantasy of then-pregnant founder JoAnn Ollila. "I was waiting for my own sweet pea to arrive, and was experiencing all of the typical pregnancy symptoms, when I started to think about just how wonderful it would be to have someone come to my house and give me a simple pedicure," she tells us.

Turns out she wasn't the only expecting mother (or even the only woman) around for whom a trip to the spa or nail salon was but a dream due to life's many disruptions. Ollila, who also works in product management, eventually gathered a team of local beauty experts to launch her one-of-a-kind in-home pampering business early this year.

Nail services include mani and pedi packages starting at $30 and featuring lacquers from Butter London—but 2BU doesn't stop with your digits. The mobile salon also offers massage services and hair and makeup sessions.

And for busy moms who can't leave the kiddos long enough to get their nails done, 2BU can bring along a babysitter so you can relax in quiet comfort. It's also a great option for anyone who is hospitalized or ordered on bed rest.

Book a Seattle-area appointment for yourself, your on-the-go girlfriend, or a group of your gals online, then sit back and let the salon come to you.


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