Our bags are packed.

Image courtesy of Nordstrom, Inc.

This on-again-off-again gorgeous/not-so-gorgeous weather has us thinking (wistfully) about summer ... and vacations ... and you get the idea. So, hey, why not scratch the itch?

We called up Nordstrom's fashion director Gregg Andrews to see what we should pack in our weekender bags come July.


1. White shirt: "It's going to do so much. A great white shirt can be worn as a cover-up over a bathing suit, with a trouser, knotted at your waist, and with a pair of jeans."

2. Floral skirt: "Casual dressing is taking a bit more of a polished look. A floral skirt can replace a pair of shorts, so you can wear it with flip-flops or casual sandals during the day, and then dress it up with a sweater or cardigan for lunch."

3. White straight-leg pants: "There's so much versatility to it. You can put a bright top on and wear it with metallic heels or with black ballet flats."


1. Lightweight military-style jacket: "If it has enough polish to it, it can transition between a layering piece and a sport coat."

2. Dark-wash jeans: "Dark denim is really appropriate for 80 percent of the restaurants you're going into. You can wear it with a sport coat and a tie or a polo shirt and tennis shoes."

3. Bright plaid shirt: "When you start incorporating color into it, it feels more lighthearted. You feel like you're on vacation. You can wear it with jeans and khakis and roll up the sleeves. Whether you're in Rome or the Bahamas, that bright plaid shirt is going to work."

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