Belfry coowner Christian Harding.

Calling all the natural history lovers and gothic Americana enthusiasts out there: there's an oddities shop in Pioneer Square that trades in some of the darkest beauty in town. 

The aesthetic of the Belfry is inspired by shop owners Christian and Jessica Harding's mutual fascination for all things old, but most particularly items with a macabre relevance.

As their collection of funeral-related and Victorian-era pieces outgrew the limits of their home, they realized there was a market for these items in Seattle and decided to open up a shop and share chain-strung skulls, secret society memorabilia, and encased still lives with the rest of the town.

History-seeped Pioneer Square is the perfect surrounding environment for the vibe of the Belfry. The old architecture compliments their antique and vintage wares quite well, and the neighborhood's buzz factor can't hurt. 

We're currently coveting all the taxidermy that the Belfry has to offer; whether it's an antique red fox for the mantle, a bold antelope for the bedroom wall, or crow-skull necklaces to add to your jewelry collection. Check it all out in the slideshow below.

Vintage antelope half mount ($825)
Image: Kirby Ellis


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