's review of fashion darling Dries van Noten's spring 2013 collection mused that grunge's indelible memory of "Kurt Cobain in a floral dress thrashing paroxysmally at his guitar" served as a reminder that the Belgian has "become a designer from whom you can expect the unexpected association."


An image from the Jack Straw blog post about the current Dries collection.

What fashion watchers from Seattle read, and processed, was, "WTF. Really? We're doing this again?"

The reaction was probably equal parts prideful, bemused, and fed-up. Or, I should say, that's what my reaction was made of. and I'm pretty sure I'm flattered that Dries (as we like to call him) thought of us when he sat down to tackle spring 2013.

And really, they're gorgeous clothes, and they just hit the racks at Jack Straw. Unexpected association and/or random resurfacing or not, it's baaaaaack.

One could definitely argue that the grunge thing never goes away (you could argue it and win just about any night of the week if you're camped out in a Cap Hill watering hole and taking a local angle), but there's definitely something in the air right now.

Check, for another example, this Nirvana-riffing editorial in the current issue of Elle magazine. What's your take on all this? Is there really a "grunge look" and do you like it when fashion's biggest names make reference to it?

From "Smells Like Teen Spirit" in Elle magazine and

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