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New! Aritzia in U Village

The Vancouver-based brand opens the doors on its first Seattle location.

By Amanda Zurita March 14, 2013

Image: Aritzia

Vancouver-based women's clothing store Aritzia just opened the doors at its first Seattle shop in U Village (making it the second Washington store, after the Bellevue Square location), and we popped in to get the skinny on the brand's fashion-forward aesthetic and quality-focused mentality. Here's what you need to know:

Roughly 90 percent of Aritzia's offerings are created in-house. Collections like Wilfred Free (for the downtown girl), and T. Babaton (classic, feminine looks) are standouts among the many exclusive Aritzia brands-within-a-brand. The designers behind each line are serious about quality, evaluating every last detail of a garment and sourcing durable, premium materials.

A few hand-picked pieces from trendy labels including J. Brand, Cheap Monday, and Rachel Comey live alongside the store's house lines. Each item is chosen to complement the existing collections and particular market, giving shoppers a more personalized selection of products.

And this quality-oriented, handselected mindest translates to all aspects of the store. Each Aritzia location is unique and features remarkable artistic details and craftsmanship; and employees are recruited from the best in the business. The brand even waited extremely patiently to snag this exact U-Village location, because nothing else would do.

To be perfectly honest, I drank the Kool-Aid. And happily so. In a shopping center that, let's face it, has a lot to offer a certain client, it's refreshing to see a fashion-forward store with a middle price-point and quality, on-trend but not overly trendy ensembles.

Now to just get my hands on those drapey denim overalls.

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